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Rebecca Wustrau, Owner/ Certified Instructor47a2d635b3127cce98548adc4b4000000035108AcM27Jo4cNE
Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with a minor in Math and Art.  She’s always loved how the right and left brain work together to form amazing ideas within each of us and this type of out of the box thinking enabled her to have a very successful career in engineering, management and project management for  the past 20 years.  But now as a mother of three, Rebecca believes it is important to focus on educating our children, to share her skills and passions and to serve within our community. Working in the high-tech industry for two decades was dynamic, but during that time Rebecca became increasingly aware of the dramatic need for more creativity-based education for our children.  Programs were needed to expand their thinking, build their confidence and strengthen their ability to solve problems.  Unfortunately, many of the school systems are moving further away from education in the arts and this is the core of creative thinking.  As Rebecca researched different programs for her children, she was immediately drawn to the KidzArt® program, and knew it was the right platform to encourage creative expression and build confidence in our future generation of thinkers.  KidzArt® has given Rebecca the career she believes in.  It has enabled her to combine her technical background and past experiences with her love of teaching to foster creativity.

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  KidzArt® is the perfect guide for creative thinking and opening up those imaginations.


47a2d635b3127cce98548ade4b4200000035108AcM27Jo4cNEKathy Armus, Curriculum/Training Manager, Certified Instructor

Kathy Armus graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on art education and Texas teacher certification. She has taught in the Del Valle and Austin public schools, as well as private schools in the Houston area. For the past 17 years she has enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom.  During this time she has taught art to both adults and children in her home and has continued creating and selling her own watercolor paintings. Kathy has also been involved for many years with Art Volunteers in the Classroom in the Round Rock ISD, teaching art history and appreciation to students as a volunteer.

She is a Certified KidzArt Instructor and enjoys working with children and sharing her love of art.


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Anastasia Fabing, Preschool Specialist, Certified Instructor






Susan Slomowitz, Elementary Specialist, Certified Instructor

bg1aBrie Gainer, Office Manager





Aurelia BwAurelia Brogan, Business Development Manager, Certified Instructor

Aurelia has been in Austin for the last 7 years with her husband and two young sons. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Trinity College, and a MAster’s Degree in Arts Management and Museum Studies from Regis University. Aurelia enjoyed a career in Marketing, Museum Administration, and Non-Profit Development, before joining KidzArt. She continues to create art in her home studio and is dedicated to a lifelong commitment to the arts, her family, and art education.



dana bw1Dana Nisenfeld, Business Development Associate, Designer, Certified Instructor





Blake Bruns, Certified Instructor

Karen Dzilsky, Certified Instructor

Robin Mace, Certified Instructor